Monday, February 27, 2012

Australia being transformed for nothing

The Australian reports:

THE case for higher immigration as a driver for economic growth is far from proven, as is the notion that more immigrants can counter the negative effects of population ageing, the Productivity Commission says.

In an analysis of the "big Australia" debate in its 2011 annual report published yesterday, the commission said the economic impact of immigration "is sometimes clouded by misperception".

"Two benefits that are sometimes attributed to immigration, despite mixed or poor evidence to support them, are that immigration is an important driver of per capita economic growth, (and) immigration could alleviate the problem of population ageing," it says.

The commission also notes immigration doesn't affect household wages overall, though particular sectors could be adversely affected if there were a large influx of skilled immigrants.

And it warns that trying to slow the impact of an ageing population on the economy by bringing in young workers is only a sugar hit.

"Any effect would be short-lived," the report says. "This is because immigrants themselves age, and progressively higher levels of migration would be needed to sustain the current age structure into the future."

No surprises here. Immigration restrictionists have been pointing out for decades that a) immigration does not raise GDP per capita, and b) immigration cannot solve our ageing population woes. Despite the dogmatic claims of the open-borders crowd, there is no legitimate economic rationale for ongoing mass immigration. In short, Australia is being transformed for nothing.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Labor dismantles Australia's borders and sovereignty

Andrew Bolt:

Two more in a day - which makes eight in just one week:

AUTHORITIES have intercepted two boats in Australian waters carrying almost 200 suspected asylum seekers.

That’s another 740 boat people in a week. The doors are wide open, and the Government has given up.

Given up? That would imply that the ALP did actually try to stem the tide. This is not the case.

The argument frequently used against Labor is that they have "lost" control of Australia's borders, with the imputation being that the present immigration crisis is a product of their gross incompetence. In reality, the truth is far more egregious. The immigration tsunami, both illegal and legal, rolling over Australia was not some sort of clumsy accident. It was not some unintended consequence unwittingly unleashed upon us. Rather, it was deliberate and calculated move on behalf of the ALP. Since coming to power, the ALP has purposely set out to dismantle our borders and erode our national sovereignty. For instance, the ALP deliberately dismantled the relatively effective border protection regime put in place by the Howard Government, thereby opening the country up to the current influx of illegals masquerading as refugees. They also deliberately increased legal immigration levels to record highs, despite the lack of any sound reason - economic or otherwise - for such a huge increase in immigration

It seems the only miscalculation made by the ALP was in underestimating the public's aversion to more immigration, both illegal and legal.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Paradise lost

Sydney in the 1960s:

Contrast the above footage of 1960s Sydney to the Sydney of today. One can clearly see how mass Third World immigration has forever changed - for the worst - what was once a beautiful, idyllic, Australian city.

Hat tip: Mark Richardson at Oz Conservative.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

"We did it to ourselves"

In a 2010 piece for Alternative Right, Australian writer R.J. Stove
the suicide - demographic and cultural - of WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) Australia.


... if we Australian WASPs (and I, though Catholic by choice, am largely WASP by ancestry) have become strangers in our own home, it is fruitless to go around blaming Jewish behavior. We did it to ourselves. (With substantial help, admittedly, from bellyaching Irish ex-Catholics, not to mention from Calabrian Mafia thugs.) Our position, and ultimate complicity in our own doom, may call to mind the 17th-century Spanish proverb: “Castile has made Spain, and Castile has destroyed it.” For “Spain” read “Australia,” and for “Castile” read “the WASP”.

Jack Lang on White Australia

Former ALP heavyweight and NSW Premier Jack Lang in his 1956 autobiography:

White Australia ... was Australia's Magna Carta. Without that policy, this country would have been lost long ere this. It would have been engulfed in an Asian tidal wave. There would have been no need for the Japanese to invade this country. ...

Even the United States has had to wrestle with the problems of Jim Crowism, racial segregation and color discrimination. Labor didn't want this country to have similar problems. Had we listened to the do-gooders and the crusaders for international brotherhood and racial equality, the barriers would have come down long ago. Our living standard would have been destroyed. We would have had intermarriages of races, half-castes and quarter-castes with all the social dilemmas that invariably follow such racial mixtures. We would have had a Black, Brown and Brindle streak right through every strata[sic] of our society. Instead we ... decided to keep this country as a citadel of the white peoples. Australia is still White Australia thanks to those who battled against those who wanted to exploit colored labor for their own ends. We must keep it that way.

For most of the 20 Century, the Australian Labor Party championed White Australia. These days, the Australian Labor Party champions Non-White Australia.